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Language is vital to the success of your global research.

Our language services work to maintain consistency across your markets, optimise the usability of your data and improve the accuracy of your insights. Built exclusively for the Insight Industry over 25 years, they benefit from continuous innovation to measure and enhance their accuracy.

The bottom line? We make sure to strike the right balance for you between time- and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

A Unique Approach

Expert linguists, hand picked local experts

Expert linguists

Work with local experts, in any market

Our linguists are hand-picked, meaning they must pass our unique RP Testing Process to prove their market research expertise, alongside having a minimum set of translation qualifications. We recruit locally, to region or city if required by your research needs, and our linguists work into their mother tongue for cultural accuracy, unless your needs dictate a different approach.

Irresistible quality a 360º quality control process

Irresistible quality

A 360º quality control process

There are no two ways about it – language quality is vital to the success of your research. To avoid the pitfalls of poor translation for your research, we use a unique, 5-step verification process that is run using a hand-picked team of in-country, specialist linguists. Keep your project and client review stages running smoothly with our full, independent checks and internal finalisation process – for total peace of mind.

multi-market multi-wave management

Multi-market / multi-wave management

40+ markets and tracker projects

One of our specialisms is taking the headache out of running multi-stage, global projects. Using our specialist understanding of how large-scale research projects run, we work by your side to ensure nothing is forgotten, including managing client reviews, ensuring consistency, agreeing terminology with all stakeholders, handling the linguistic factors at play through longitudinal studies, and pre-agreed project roadmaps.

Machine learning, augmented intelligence, Innovation and the linguist

Machine learning and augmented intelligence

Innovation, AI and the linguist

AI and machine learning is at the heart of progression in the Insight Industry. At RP Translate, we work hard to stay at the cutting-edge of technology adoption in the global research world, using a unique blend of machine and human contributions to produce stunning results. Our Augmented Translation system is unlike any other and maintains quality at its core, allowing technology to shine as a tool in human translation.

Our services are completely tailored to your needs,
in any language

Transcription, translation, time-stamping
and subtitling of audio and video materials.

Audio services

RPTBAC: Specialist Brand Auto-Coding service.
Codeframe creation and development, longitudinal and tracker brand, one-word or full OE coding.

RPT BAC coding services

Translation using our unique 360° quality control approach by a bespoke team of in-country sector-trained native speakers with full independent checks and internal MR-expert finalisation process.

Translation services, native speakers

Application of client review, insertion of approved survey translations into programmed overlay files (upload ready) and live testing in situ.

Editing, overlay, linking testing services

Verbatim response translations, by humans or machine, or an effective combination of the two.

OE Handling Services, verbatim translations

Chatbots, AI, Social Media Scraping, Audiovisual Data Capture, and more – we establish innovative ways to fulfil game-changing needs.

Innovation, chatbot, AI, social media scraping, AV Data Capture

More than just translation...

Research literacy

Innovation team

Unique processes

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