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Country Highlight - Russia


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Author: Clare Partington

Issue 001 - Ethics - July 2019 posted in Country Highlight


Human rights groups have highlighted many issues with Russian law. Recent legislation, for example, could discriminate against transgender residents.

Despite this, Russia saw the first instance of a transgender woman winning a landmark court case for workplace discrimination in April 2019.

Russia pollution


There are severe environmental issues across the country due to deforestation, logging, nuclear waste and pollution. However, eco-friendly action is not high on the political or social agenda.



Recovering from economic crisis, consumer trends have shown reduced purchasing of non-essential items.

Nonetheless, Russian-based consumers are optimistic about the economic future and instead have shifted investment to products that are perceived as important to their family’s health and well-being, such as fresh food, travel and education.

Russia authority


Authorities such as the police, the army and intelligence agencies are well-resourced and powerful, with less answerability to European notions of human rights.



Infection, even from a common cold, is avidly avoided and the population generally is very health conscious.

In contrast, mortality among Russian men due to preventable heart disease (i.e. caused by lifestyle choices) has risen 60% since 1991.

Clare Partington

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