Last weekend was a weekend of many questions, not least of which was ‘where is the sunshine?’. Yes, it was the RPTeam annual conference, held at the beautiful Parkfields, Herefordshire. Good food, good wine and great company!

Our theme this year, Aristotle’s famous quote ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, and we set out to prove it, using Google’s Aristotle project as our base.

Guided by our Leadership Team Development Coach and Time To Think Consultant, Lynne Philp, the net results were astonishing – over 15 concrete, implementable ideas to embrace Google’s 5 key findings for creating great teams and great teamwork, and we now have 5 separate teams spearheading those initiatives and innovations.

Clearly the sun doesn’t need to shine for our team to step up, although I think we’d all admit it might have been nice! Very proud of them (us) all!